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ROAR WITH SHARI – Season 4, Episode 1 | Guest: Cherie Benjoseph, LCSW – How to Keep Kids Safe

Child Sexual Abuse is Preventable! Keep Your Kids Safe!

Airdate: April 6, 2022

In this episode, I’m talking to social activist and rainmaker, Cherie Benjoseph, LCSW. She has a passion for empowering children in order to keep our kids safe. As co-founder of the KidSafe Foundation, she works with community leaders, kids, parents, guardians, foster care, and child-serving professionals to improve defining the ever-changing issues around protecting children. Because, in order to keep kids safe we need to educate adults, parents, and their caregivers as well. Predators, pedophiles, and perpetrators groom not only the kids, but the community as well.

Cherie Benjoseph says, “We teach children to recognize their feelings, go to their Safe Adults, and speak assertively when they feel uncomfortable. Through a fun—not fearful—interactive education, they can be taught what a right to safety really means and that there is strength and support in asking for help.”

ROAR WITH SHARI – Season 4, Episode 2 | Guest:D avid Angeloff, Esq. – Workplace Justice Warrior

All Discrimination in the Workplace Needs to be Addressed

Airdate: April 13, 2022

In this episode, I’m talking to attorney David Angeloff, whom I call, the Workplace Justice Warrior, an experienced attorney for anyone who is being sexually harassed or sexually assaulted in the workplace. He is an outstanding trial lawyer. A Man with a good heart, a brilliant mind, and the soul of a shaman. Spiritual, deeply empathetic, yet warrior-like for survivors. I’ve gotten to know David; firsthand and you’re going to want to hear what he has to say.

David takes on cases and fights for employees and workers in employment law, representing employees and workers who are sexually harassed or assaulted at work by co-workers, bosses, executives, and others.

He defines what is sexual harassment and assault at work and in the employment context? How to know if you’re being sexually harassed or sexually assaulted at work and have legal rights.

And if you feel you are being sexually harassed at work, what do you do about it? David is a trial lawyer and part of the Stalwart Law Group in Los Angeles, CA. David believes that all discrimination at the workplace needs to be looked at.

David Angeloff, lays out for you, in a clear, no-nonsense way, how to know if you are being sexually harassed/sexually assaulted at work and what to do.

ROAR WITH SHARI – Season 4, Episode 3 | Guest: MARY REIGEL, MS, LMFT – Trauma, Recovery, Hope, Healing, Resilience

How you Can Heal and Turn Your Pain into Purpose

Airdate: April 20, 2022

In this episode, I’m talking to Mary Reigel an experienced Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) ) and Trauma Recovery Specialist who has been working in the field of death, grief, and trauma since 1981 about how to recover from trauma. She is a trauma-free, trauma recovery therapist.

Can you ever fully recover from trauma? What does recovery look like?

We talk about the fear that so many trauma survivors carry of going to therapy and having to re-experience the trauma in order to “recover from it.” Mary Reigel talks about trauma-free, trauma recovery. New and emerging trauma therapy treatment methods.

We also define trauma. What is trauma? Big trauma, small trauma. And how trauma shapes our brains, and how we are completely affected by what we’ve lived through. And how trauma has real, emotional, physical, and social consequences.

Mary Reigel, LMFT, with over 36 years of experience helping people, has seen an amazing increase in the positive outcomes achieved in informed psychotherapy practices. These improvements are a result of the accumulation of knowledge, experience and cutting-edge therapies.