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Ignite Change — Survivors Rights Advocacy

Ignite Change – Civil Rights Advocacy

ROAR As One will work to help institute a right for survivors of all forms of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual violence to enable victims to seek justice and accountability. There is no healing without accountability. There is no accountability without justice. 

Roar educates courts and legislators on how specific decisions and laws can impact sexually abused women and children.

ROAR As One will work with survivors to analyze current and potential legal remedies and expand those remedies to give survivors justice under the law. We are acutely aware of the varied circumstances in which these crimes and acts of misconduct take place. All are devastating with immediate, short- and long-term harms, burdens, and costs for individual victims.

ROAR As One is knowledgeable of the complicity of individuals and many social, religious, and governmental systems that have exponentially amplified the harm for decades. Sex abuse victims suffer layers of betrayal, trust issues, and denials of redress. The revictimization of sexual abuse survivors by courts and the legal system creates a never-ending cycle of abuse and injustice. ROAR As One is committed to ending the cycle that perpetuates sexual violence and abuse.

We must strengthen victims’ ability to file civil rights lawsuits, civil suits, criminal actions, and other forms of accountability against those who have violated them and who, in doing so, have deprived them of their constitutional right to pursue life, liberty, property, and happiness. 


“Reveal” Through Research

“Tell” Through Technology

ROAR As One explores current research and practices that provide insight into what must be done in order to prevent, protect and educate to ensure justice for survivors of childhood sexual and all forms of sexual violence. Roar educates courts and legislators on how specific decisions and laws can impact survivors and victims of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and all forms of sexual violence based on research.

Education “Project Culture Transformation”

Education “Project Culture Transformation”

ROAR As One through its podcast platform “Roar with Shari. . . All Things Justice for Women & Survivors” helps create cultural change through awareness and education. Having the voices of victims, survivors, experts, professionals, lawyers, public officeholders, and nonprofits educates, informs, and creates cultural change and awareness so that the next generation of children can be free of child sexual abuse. Rape culture has permeated our society at every level and, in turn, has created a space for the normalization of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and violence against women and children. Victim blaming, shaming, and toxic misogyny forces victims into silence, secrecy, shame, and self-destruction. By illuminating and giving voice to victims’ stories, how to overcome adversity, how to take action, and how to turn pain into purpose,  work to remediate and eradicate all forms of sexual abuse.   If you change cultural awareness, you change what society and culture will tolerate. Zero tolerance for sexual abuse is the goal. Shining a light on the darkness leaves predators, perpetrators and pedophiles exposed and culture can no longer deny what is right in front of them.  That one in three girls and one in five boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. That 81% of all women say they have been sexually harassed or assaulted at work or in the public square, that every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. Our mission is to transform society’s response to child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual violence, starting with educating all that the right to one’s body is exclusively their own.

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